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Creating a web site for the first time can be a daunting process. In the event that you are in this situation, be assured that ByteAll Media excels at "hand-holding" a client through the new jargon and "techno talk". Our approach to every step of the process is to be as thorough as possible in order to make every detail easily understood. We encourage questions upon questions and make every effort to insure that you are comfortable and knowledgeable about the process.

Above all, ByteAll Media understands that your web site needs to be "Search Engine friendly". Each of the services listed below reinforces this "friendliness" goal. In our view, a web site without traffic is meaningless.

By making your web site easy to find, easy to navigate and interesting to visit, you will be building your presence on the web as a quality content provider.

Navigation refers to the links that are created within your web site as well as links that access links outside of your web site. Prior to programming, a navigation chart is developed. In its final form, the navigation chart offers a blueprint for the entire web site, and shows you what pages are linked internally as well as externally. Based on the navigation (and the design), programming is next. The goal is to offer the site visitor an easy to understand interface.
Navigation includes:
- Development of a flow chart which identifies all internal and external links within your web site.
- Consideration of Search Engines' crawling through text links.
- User interface for ease of use; possible use of pull-down menus and other interactive programming.

URL Registration and Re-directs
Universal Resource Locator, or (URL) is the name of your web site i.e., www.mycompanyname.com. URL is also synonymous with "Domain Name". In addition to your main URL, clients often will register other URL's that are set-up to "re-direct" to their main domain name.

Hosting Registration

All of the files and architecture of your web site are sent via the Internet to a web site hosting company. In essence, this is where your web site "lives". ByteAll Media offers recommendations for web hosting. The recommendations are based on the specific needs of the web site.
Hosting includes:

- A set amount of available space for the amount of data your web site needs.

- A set amount of traffic allocated for your web site i.e., so many Megabytes, or Gigabytes of data transfer per month.

- Email account(s).

- Specific options such a streaming media, server-side programming functionality, Front Page extensions, Shopping cart interfaces, etc.

- Registering Web Site with the Hosting Company for one year, or multiple years.

- Client to supply credit card information for direct billing from Hosting Company.

Streaming Media
A video clip…a message via audio….a Flash animation; all contribute to retaining site visitors and can be designed to invite the site visitor to "take action". ByteAll Media creates fresh material for clients…or, we can take existing video and audio, converting it into streaming media files. We take into consideration the potential viewer/listener of these media and the most likely internet connection that they may or probably use.

Site Maintenance
A web site needs to be maintained, with new material updating the site on a regular basis. Updating your content is important to building traffic with repeat site visitors, who can count on new information.
Maintenance includes:
- Changes to content i.e., text, photos, graphics, animation, sound, video, etc.
- Checking internal and external links
- Checking overall functionality

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