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ByteAll Media has portal experts to assist you in the definition, design, development and integration of your portal. Our team is experienced with every major portal platform. ByteAll Media's team has developed over 100 portals for large companies, and we understand the pitfalls and risks to watch out for. Our experience in portals spans the financial services, retail, heavy industry, high-tech and healthcare industries. ByteAll Media's best practices for effective portal projects include:

  • Include user interviews as part of the requirements gathering effort. Observe the users in action to truly understand their needs. This will pay off in droves down the line.
  • Usability testing further reduces project risk by solidifying requirements with the end users.
  • Use a proven methodology, whether your firm's or a vendors to establish standards, consistency and a focused process.
  • Plan for and test performance throughout. Often as part of an overall portal effort client server applications are ported to a web-based portal architecture which might not allow the same speed in the user interface. It is important to understand the issues up front by testing.
  • Architect maintainability into the portal framework, including trace logging, error notification and resolution and exception handling
  • When architecting a portal framework, use proven components and frameworks to reduce risk and effort

ByteAll Media offers the following portal services:

Portal Design

ByteAll Media's award-winning design team can help you create an on-target user experience for your portal applications. ByteAll Media's role-based requirements analysis combined with our powerful usability-driven design process has delivered outstanding results for many corporations. Our high performance prototyping team can quickly demonstrate the vision of your portal in a working model. As a final deliverable the ByteAll Media designers produce rigorous design specifications which become the guiding documents for internal or outsourced development teams. Read more about ByteAll Media's design and usability services.

Portal Architecture and Framework Development

Most companies today have multiple applications, sites and even portals that need to be integrated into one architecture. ByteAll Media has helped major companies develop portal architectures for their customer portals. Each of these engagements required a custom framework to be designed, allowing for integration of systems and data. Almost always commercial software systems and custom applications need to coexist and building the right foundation is critical to ensuring a quality product. Read more about ByteAll Media's technology services.

Portal Integration & Testing

Some of the biggest challenges facing companies undertaking portal efforts are dealing with integration and testing. ByteAll Media's methodology allows for integration and performance to be planned and designed for up front, and tested throughout the development cycle. We have a honed process that we can bring to your effort to ensure that your portal's implementation will go smoothly.

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