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Our team knows E-commerce, and we know it well. We have developed numerous large E-commerce Web sites, some of which do several million dollars worth of transactions each month.

Each of our E-commerce Web sites is custom developed. Our E-commerce development team will work closely with you to understand your retail strategy and target market, and we will develop the perfect custom E-commerce solution to drive more sales of your products and services.

E-commerce Development and Internet Marketing Strategy

Powerful things can happen when our E-commerce development team and our Internet marketing team get together and collaborate. We will develop an Internet marketing strategy to bring shoppers to your Web site and convert them to customers. We'll do this while maximizing your return on investment so your bottom line stays strong.

Custom E-commerce Web Applications and Tools

Our custom E-commerce tools, paired with our custom Web development tools, will allow your customers to find your products with ease, quickly view their shopping cart from all product pages, find similar items or related items that you suggest, register for future purchases, save products in a wish list, and much more. Checkout is quick and easy with our integrated shopping cart, E-commerce Web application engine and secure Web payment gateway. And that's all just the front end!

Through a secure administration console you can add, edit and delete products, pictures, inventory data, and much more. Online reporting will allow you to track your E-commerce sales by product type, region, category, or many other parameters. Our custom E-commerce tools also give you access to all of the customer demographic information you could ever need, allowing you to send e-mails with special offers targeted by age group, gender, income, and more! To put it plainly: if it can be done, our E-commerce development team and our Internet marketing team can make it happen for your E-commerce Web site!

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