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Custom Programming

Whether you need a custom E-Commerce application, database integration, a member portal, or an Intranet or Extranet application, our team of Web programmers has the technical expertise and practical experience to create the right solution.

When we develop a custom web application, we implement the latest encryption technology to make sure all data is secure. We can implement different user access levels and other security measures to ensure your web application is as secure as it is functional. It's all part of our dot net development.

Our experienced web programming team can custom tailor a web application to meet your exact specifications and provide the best solution for your organization. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us. Also ask us about content management and how we can integrate a custom content management system into your Web site or Web application.

Programming involves the development of Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML), which is universally recognized by web site browsers, to display your web site's content. In the programming phase, the Navigation, Design and Page Layouts are converted into HTML code.

During the process, web site content is processed for optimum loading time, balanced with aesthetic considerations, such as image quality and font selections. Additional content such as Streaming media (audio and video), Flash animation, Gif animation, animated cursors, scroll bars, forms and interactive buttons are embedded into the HTML code as needed.

Once completed, the program is tested for compatibility with the popular web browsers and screen resolutions used by site visitors.

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