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Affiliate Program Management

Running successful affiliate programs requires more than a good network and software. The overall success is based on the ability of your affiliate program manager to recruit, motivate and communicate with your affiliate marketing partners. This communication will drive the affiliate program forward. Success also depends on excellent resource allocation for the support of the affiliate program in terms of creative and program promotion development.

Affiliate marketing is not a stand-alone proposition. We foster trust and support between all active parties in the affiliate system (merchant, affiliate, network and affiliate management team).

Our affiliate program management team has a proven track record in developing, supporting and managing affiliate marketing programs. We offer a turn-key solution to provide your company with a cost-effective marketing channel.

An integrated approach to affiliate program management
We employ some of the best innovators in affiliate marketing, all of whom are waiting to assist you with your affiliate marketing programs. We take a team approach to every affiliate program we manage. Why rely on one person when you can have a team of affiliate marketing professionals guiding your internet marketing strategy?

Our team system is scaleable, allowing you to select from a range of affiliate program management support to maximize the size and potential of your program. After we evaluate your current affiliate program goals and budgets, we will assemble a team to get the job done. This can range from a one or two person team, including an affiliate manager and development support, to a larger four to seven person team.


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