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Video Effects & Integration
Our team of award winning designers has many talents, and among them are video effects and integration. Our design team uses a combination of different software, including Adobe After Effects, Premier, Flash and 3D Studio, to produce amazing eye-popping video effects. These effects can be applied over real video scenes or animated scenes, and can easily be integrated into a Web site, Web application, CD, DVD or presentation.

Our Web site is an excellent example of how video effects can be integrated to capture an audience’s attention and convey key marketing messages. Many of our designs contain animated Flash elements with After Effects video effects. Our company page features real video played through Flash with After Effects video effects laid over it.

Video effects also look great on interactive CDs and DVDs and trade show presentations. These effects can really help you grab your audience and help your product or service stand out. For more information on our video effects and integration services, please contact us.

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